Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Bison Coffeehouse

Bison Coffeehouse is located on NE Cully Blvd, near NE 57th Ave, in Portland, Oregon.

Slowly but surely seeking out more coffee shops in Portland, I went here for its lovely story and background. The owner, a Shoshone tribal member, had been diagnosed with cancer, but it's now in remission. While getting aggressive treatment for the cancer, she had a dream of a bison near her. After working at a coffee shop in Portland, she set out to open her own, with the bison at the forefront of the brand name.

The Cully area of Portland has some older buildings, and the house that Bison Coffeehouse occupies was built in 1926. Going inside, there's a bunch of Native American art on the walls and around the interior.

Baked goods and the usual coffee/espresso drinks here.

For a change, I tried the green chile, bacon, and pepperjack biscuit ($3.25). The cheese and chiles helped give the biscuit some added moisture, and you can never go wrong with bacon. Get the biscuit warmed up for best experience.

Lattes and mochas come in three sizes (10 oz, 12 oz, and 16 oz). I got the small latte ($4.25), and some latte art on top. Whole milk. You'll even have choice of light, medium, or dark roast. I went with the dark roast. Excellent latte here, not overly sweet.

The parking situation is limited to street parking, but there should be a bunch of it on NE Cully itself. Or you can park on an adjacent street.

Bison Coffeehouse is open seven days a week.

I don't head into this neighborhood often, but Bison Coffeehouse was a wonderful stop for a quick drink and snack. 8.25/10

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