Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Gracie's Apizza

Gracie's Apizza is located on N Lombard Street in Portland, Oregon.

I've long heard great things about Gracie's Apizza. Like many other places on my blog that I've covered, Gracie's started as a food truck before opening their brick-and-mortar spot last month.

Going on a Saturday night, the place was predictably packed. You'll order at the counter and get a playing card as your order "number".

Gracie's has several woodfired pizza options, from the tomato pie to the margherita. There's even a Spicy Red which includes Mama Lils peppers and aleppo peppers.

As usual, I got the Margherita ($10). The simple sauce, mozzarella, and basil combination is clean, with nowhere to hide. Outstanding pizza. Very chewy crust with a slight crunch. Crust blistered here and there with char. Delicious sweetness from the tomatoes.

The New Haven-style has many similarities to a Neapolitan-style. Depending on where you may go in New Haven, the crust could even be thinner and more cracker-like. Gracie's had a slightly puffier crust with excellent chew. On a related note, the Munchie's YouTube video highlighting New Haven pizza is a must-watch.

Because the place was so busy, it was probably a good 20 minutes before I got my pizza. Still worth the wait.

While I waited, I just got a pizelle cookie for $2. Frankly, I probably should have gotten the sorbet or a sundae instead, but maybe that's for next time anyway.

You can dine outside as well (all covered seating). Interestingly, there was another pizza place probably two doors down that was much emptier on a Saturday night. Seems safe to me that Gracie's will do just fine.

Head to Gracie's for some amazing pizza! 8.75/10

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