Monday, March 16, 2020

Honolulu Burger Company

Honolulu Burger Company has a brick-and-mortar spot on S Beretania in Honolulu, Hawaii. However, this blog post covers their food truck, which roams parts of Oahu.

Next up on the Hawaii food truck adventures is a burger spot. It's always nice when the food trucks come to you. Downtown Honolulu, predictably, is a gold mine for food trucks. Prep in the morning, set up shop at lunch, rake in the dough from a lot of hungry customers, clean up, and head home. Yes, that's the mega-simplified version, as my food truck friends will attest to.

As the name implies, Honolulu Burger is known for their burgers. Those are sold a la carte at the cart, but order a combo meal for $2 more and you'll get choice of regular fries, garlic fries, or truffle fries.

HBC supports local businesses, and all the food products are from the Aloha State.

I ordered the Mushroom Mushroom Burger ($10) and added garlic fries for $2 more. Sauteed mushrooms in garlic-herb butter, Swiss, beef patty, topped with Manoa lettuce, tomato, and chipotle mayo. The bun itself was a taro bun; it's more a dark off-brown exterior and a purple interior. Extremely colorful and adds to the experience.

I really enjoyed the burger. Juicy patty, fresh lettuce and tomato. Perfectly sauteed buttery mushrooms and melted cheese. The chipotle mayo took it to the next level. The taro bun may have had the slightest sweetness, but worked well with everything else.

The cross-section was glorious.

The garlic fries were just OK. Typical narrow sticks, not very pillowy. While on smell it's garlicky, I admittedly had to search for the physical evidence scattered in the spuds. Unfortunately, I haven't had the best luck in finding really good garlic fries - yet.

It's not advertised on the website (at least as of December 2019), but there is a food challenge at their S Beretania location, too.

The King Kamehameha Challenge is an 8-patty burger with two orders of fries and a shake. The burger itself is a combination of different burgers on the menu. It's a pay-to-play challenge ($40), unlike the free-if-finished challenges, but winners get a $40 gift card to be used later, a free T-shirt, and his/her picture on the Wall of Fame. I have at least two friends who have finished this challenge (Randy Santel and Raina Huang). Click the above link to see Randy's picture and video of the challenge.

I personally had no idea Honolulu Burger Company had a food truck, so to have them come downtown even occasionally is a welcome sight. 7.5/10

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