Thursday, March 12, 2020

Nicky's Lunch Wagon

Nicky's Lunch Wagon is a food truck roaming Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. For this blog post, the truck stopped at the corner of S King and Alakea in downtown Honolulu.

For a food truck, Nicky's has a large menu. However, the food also comes out extremely quick because a lot of the menu items (likely) are pre-made and keep very well. My order was ready in seconds.

For example, the kalua pig plate I got includes: (1) choice of rice, fried rice, or noodles; and (2) choice of potato-mac salad or tossed salad.

And a generous portion it is. For $9, it's easily shareable, or one hungry panda can devour it.

Very juicy and tender kalua pig, with the right amount of smoky goodness. Noodles were cooked wonderfully. It may have said fried saimin on the menu, which I think of as a different noodle. This one was more a chow mein-style of noodle. Either way, those noodles were awesome.

As for the tossed salad, I paired that with their lemon vinaigrette, which had a good tang but nothing overpowering.

I returned a couple weeks later and got their chicken curry as well. A mini plate for $7 hit the spot. Fairly good portion, and the curry itself was still warm minutes after getting my order. Soothing, hearty, and tasty. A Japanese-style curry here.

As for my sides on this visit, I got their fried rice and more tossed salad. I just let the curry become my salad dressing. Nothing wrong with that.

Nicky's regularly updates their Instagram page, so head there for their latest social media postings and updated food truck schedule. The food truck schedule generally is updated monthly.

Try Nicky's for a solid plate lunch! 8.25/10

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