Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Bridgetown Bagel Company

The Bridgetown Bagel Company is a bagel cart located at the Rose City Food Park (NE 52nd and Sandy) in Portland, Oregon. The pod continues to grow with an array of cuisines and amazing food options!

I've been a breakfast fan for a long time, but have really been on a slight bagel bender the last couple of months. Since I was in the area, I wanted to try this cart out as well.

(March 2013)
Another cart that goes the boiled-then-baked bagel route. Really, that's the only way to go when making a proper bagel. Each of their seven types of bagels is $1 each, and you can get 13 of them for $10. Win.

Just like when I went to Rescue Bagels, I went with the smoked salmon spread. I opted for the everything bagel this time because I had no upcoming drug test for work. Damn poppy seeds....

Everything Bagel w/Cream Cheese Smoked Salmon Spread
(The Bridgetown Bagel Company)

I've probably become a complete sucker as far as bagels are concerned, but this one was also excellent. Chewy and an awesome toasty crunch here. I savored the cream cheese salmon spread to the last bite. It makes me wonder how many of those I'd eat before my stomach had no more room and I'm left as an oompa loompa panda in NE Portland.

The fun didn't stop there, because this cart has a couple of Jewish desserts! You can bet the farm that I'll be back for each of those.

The rugelach ($1.50) looks much like a mini croissant with filling, or can be constructed like a strudel or nut roll.

You can also find Hamantashen here! It may be spelled "hamantaschen," "hamantash," or "hamentasch," but the names all refer to the same filled-pocket cookie-like pastry.

Score another one for Portland. Bridgetown Bagel Company is a must-try for bagel lovers. 9/10

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