Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Slide Inn

The Slide Inn is located at the corner of SE 24th and Ankeny in Portland, Oregon. This place serves European cuisine, including German and Austrian food. After one of my friends mentioned the interesting weekend brunch dishes offered here, I had to stop by in mid-February.

The inside has that warm and cozy feel to it. Goblets are used as water glasses, accompanied with blue glass water bottles of varying sizes (depending on the size of the party, I'd assume).

Weekend brunch brings a few Austrian classic dishes. I tried Kaiserschmarrn ($9), basically a diced pancake sweetened with raisins, vanilla, and sugar. It's baked in the oven for about 25 minutes, so be prepared to wait if you order this one.

Weekend brunch menu (top)
Weekend brunch menu (bottom)
(The Slide Inn)
Even though I decided to take it home (probably 20-25 minutes away), the Kaiserschmarrn was still warm inside the cardboard box. A pleasing slight crunch (thanks to the caramelized sugar) on the outside and a custard-like texture on the inside. Perhaps some parts were a bit well-done (dark brown), but it wasn't burnt. The raisins in the dish provided good texture contrast. Syrup really is optional for this one. Personally, I didn't need any extra sweetness.

Closeup of Kaiserschmarrn
Slide Inn does house-made grilled sausages. I think having a couple of those with the Kaiserschmarrn would have been an epic win. Sausages are $8 and served with red cabbage or sauerkraut.

I briefly glanced at the dinner menu, and damn, more awesome European dishes! Hot appetizers include Vegan Polenta Triangles ($9); and Sauteed Spaetzle ($10). Main courses include Pork Wiener Schnitzel ($18) and Gluten-Free Pumpkin Gnocchi ($15).

I love that there are several gluten-free and vegan options. With respect to weekend brunch, I recommend The Slide Inn. We'll see if I ever get the time to try the dinner menu. 8/10

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