Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Eb and Bean

Eb and Bean is located on SE Division Street in Portland, Oregon.

Eb and Bean takes over the old KOi Fusion spot on SE Division, serving up soft serve and an array of optional toppings.

The menu is simple; you have a small, large, or pint size to choose from, and kids 7 years of age and under have their own smaller size. You can get your soft serve in a cup, waffle cone, float form, or sundae form.

Usual flavors include Valrhona Chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla, and Tart. I was sold on their (seemingly) most popular flavor: Chocolate Hazelnut Pudding, a non-dairy offering containing almond milk. It's a rich, chocolaty, and nutty experience. You'll clearly get the hazelnuts in there, and probably the almonds, too.

Toppings include roasted hazelnuts, gummy bears, Tom Bumble crumbles, graham crackers, and local blueberries. There's even an option for a magic shell over your soft serve. Seemingly limitless combinations here.

Even a small serving ($4) includes a healthy dose of soft serve. I got mine with no toppings just to savor the soft serve without any frills. In the future, I'd probably add graham crackers or the Tom Bumble crumbles to the mix.

Check out Eb and Bean if you're on SE Division! 8/10

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