Wednesday, October 17, 2018


SuperDeluxe is located at the corner of SE 50th and SE Powell in Portland, Oregon.

I decided to let the initial buzz of "new food spot" to die down a bit before venturing here. SuperDeluxe is he brainchild of Micah Camden, who once owned Little Big Burger before selling that.

SuperDeluxe has a simple menu of breakfast sandwiches (sold from 7 AM to 11 AM), then the classic burgers from 11 AM to closing. There's also a chicken sandwich, an "impossible" veggie burger, and chicken tenders. For any burger, you can "Super Deluxe" it to get fries and a drink for $3 more.

As Camden has stated, he's basically trying for the In-N-Out Classic Burger look, In-N-Out, of course, has slowly been creeping up the Pacific NW, planning a location in Keizer probably by 2019.

I got there at 10;45 and there were already a handful of people waiting for the lunch switchover. Once that arrived, I got the Single Deluxe combo, their basic cheeseburger with Yukon fries and a drink. The combo meal totaled $7.75, which is very reasonable given the fast food value meal prices these days. The Single Deluxe burger by itself would be $4.75.

The burger is very good and very classic. Fresh bun; fresh, juicy beef; fresh veggies. I love the burger spread, pickles, and onions in there. And yes, you'll get probably 4-5 pickle slices instead of maybe 1-2 at a McDonald's.

Big pro tip is to get here right when the menu switches to lunch to ensure you get fresh, out-of-the-fryer fries. Mine were crisp, hot, and salted just right.

I also went after they had been open for a while because, as with many businesses, there's usually time needed to get into a rhythm or make the system more efficient. I got my order within 5-7 minutes of ordering. At more peak times, it may reach around 10 minutes.

If you want a solid, local fast-food burger, SuperDeluxe is a great choice! 8.25/10

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