Tuesday, November 6, 2012

PDX 671 (Part 2)

(Original Review -- August 2011)

With PDX 671 recently moving to the Rose City Food Park on NE 52nd and Sandy, I figured it was time to re-visit this cart and have some tasty Guamanian food. Ed (chef and co-owner) has followed my blog for a while. Always cool to know there are loyal followers out there!

At the Rose City Food Park in 2012
Last time, I missed out on the Kelaguen Mannok, and I made certain not to get shut out again. I basically did everything short of calling in to reserve a bowl. Spicy pandas gotta eat, you know.

Kelaguen Mannok is a cold dish with chopped grilled chicken, lemon, grated coconut, peppers, and onions. Some minced Bird's Eye chili also gets added to make it a tad spicier. I honestly don't know what took me so long to order this. OK, so there are 700 food carts in Portland. Can't find this elsewhere (at least to my knowledge).

Kelaguen Mannok and Red Rice
(PDX 671)
With all due respect to the Bird's Eye chili, the lemon really makes this dish pop that much more. The refreshing aspect keeps me coming back for another bite. Slowly but surely, the heat will intensify, but it's not gonna make me race to the nearest water fountain.

Here's your cool shot of the day...a closeup of the red Bird's Eye chile!
Hineksa Agaga (red rice) is really white rice with achotte added to give it its color. It's characterized as having a slightly sweet, nutty, and peppery flavor. Achotte is basically used like saffron to flavor and color rice.

Hineksa Agaga (red rice)
Make sure you ask for the Finadene, because that stuff is awesome. Soy sauce, lemon, chili peppers, onions. The heart of Chamorro cuisine. Add it to your rice and Kelaguen Mannok, then thank me after you've recovered from your food coma.

Another awesome cart with delicious food! I'll be back for sure. 8.75/10

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