Saturday, November 10, 2012

Veggie Grill (Yelp Elite Event)

After several months away from Yelp Elite events, I attended the November 3 Yelp Elite event at Veggie Grill. Before this event, it was usually one of three situations: (1) too far of a drive (when I still lived in Salem); (2) too late for me to attend (I'm a weird guy who goes to bed early and gets up stupid early); or (3) had other plans that day.

Another great Yelp Elite event, what can I say? Even better that everything here is much healthier than what I'd usually scarf down if going out to eat.

(November 2012)
The Santa Fe Crispy Chickin' ($8.95) is one of the more popular menu options, and I loved every bite. Gotta love the fried chickin' patty; you'll likely forget that you're eating fake poultry. It's a thin coating of breading, which I also liked. Great creaminess from the avocado, fresh veggies. The spicy vegan mayo gets a kick from chipotle peppers, but my spicy panda palate doesn't notice mild stuff like that.

I opted to get a cup of their chili and was pleased with my decision. Excellent thick consistency, pleasing tomato flavors. Red and white beans galore! Bring on the beans!

The friendly staff there gave the Yelpers some more chickin' samples, with accompanying sauces. I only tried the BBQ sauce, which was delicious.

(didn't have any, but it looked great!)
The All Hail Kale ($8.45) is another winner. I particularly loved the ginger-papaya vinaigrette. Very balanced, slightly sweet. I believe we had grilled chickin' on ours (real good), but you can also get tempeh.

Finally, we had some carrot cake ($3.50), which uses fresh carrots, walnuts, and vegan cream cheese frosting. I seriously could keep eating that for days. The frosting isn't overly sweet, the cake itself was moist, and hell, I just love carrot cake. I'd deem it healthy anyway just because carrots are in there.

I also took pics of some other fellow Yelpers' dishes:

B-Wing Salad
Buffalo Bomber
Mac and cheese in the back
Awesome cross-section!
Mac and cheese!

While I didn't stay very long, it was great to catch up and meet fellow elites again. Not sure what my next elite event will be, but I know it'll be awesome!


  1. Looks delicious! I'll have to try this place next time I'm in Vancouver. Ever try Pok Pok in Portland? We're planning to eat there tonight... not sure what to expect.