Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Taste of Greek

A Taste of Greek is located on SW 2nd Ave., between Stark and Oak, in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Cue the gyro bender yet again. While I'm down to trying just about anything, if I can't make up my mind, the default options narrow to three choices. Gyros are one of those options.

Admittedly, this cart was one of many on my list for a zillion lifetimes. I had passed by the cart several times in the past, but failed to stop and get something. Finally, this cart's time came in mid-November.

It's your typical Greek menu choices here, but I zeroed in on the super lamb gyro ($7.50) from a gazillion miles away. Why not just a regular lamb gyro, you might ask? Aside from being a bigger pita with more meat (which is always awesome), the super lamb gyro includes the all-important feta cheese.

Super Lamb Gyro
(A Taste of Greek)
Lots of gyro to handle!

After biting into the middle of the gyro
I've heard a number of rave reviews of this cart, and they were dead on. The lamb here is cut more in chunk form than a flat, long slice. The tzatziki had excellent flavor and consistency. Fresh diced tomatoes and onions here. But it was the feta cheese cubes that made me keep eating. I also love that they added parsley to the gyro for another dimension of flavor.

The gyro certainly fit the "super" billing. Good size and weight on this one. An abundance of meat, veggies, feta, and tzatziki filled the thick pita. It may be a chore to handle this one, and don't be surprised if the pita can't contain all the awesomeness.

Appetizers include hummus w/pita ($4), dolmades ($1 each), and falafel balls (75 cents each).Regular sandwiches or gyros are $5 to $5.50, with the "super" version about a couple bucks more. Yes, they have Greek salad ($3 small, $5 regular) and tabouli ($6). There may be baklava available as well.

Real nice people here. I walked to the adjacent cart (closed at the time) to unwrap and eat my gyro, and the man in the cart asked if I wanted a seat in front of his cart. I politely declined, mainly because I do my best food destruction standing up. But still, very cool of him to make the offer. Give these guys some love and check this cart out! 8.5/10

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  1. The best gyro I have ever had. The chicken and rice dish made my mouth water. My daughter does not like hummus and she kicked the bowl! Great won't regret this one.