Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Egyptian Food Cart

(UPDATE 2/5/13: Food Carts Portland reports that this cart has closed.)

Egyptian Food Cart is located at the corner of SW 9th and Alder in downtown Portland, Oregon. Sure, it's a very generic name, but that's what the name of the cart is.

Mohammed hard at work in the cart!
Mohammed runs this cart. I've passed by a few times, and he has quite the following for only being open a few months. This cart used to be The People's Pig before Cliff got a new cart and moved to the other end of the lot near Euro Trash (SW 10th and Washington).

(November 2012)

It's a pretty big menu, and Mohammed even serves a few American classics like burgers, cheesesteaks, and fries if the cuisine gets a bit too foreign for some. Again, the gyro bender was in full effect, and I wanted to try his version. At $5.50 for the big lamb gyro, I figured I couldn't go wrong.

Lamb Gyro
(Egyptian Food Cart)
The orange sauce is the hot sauce using sambal
No feta here, but Mohammed put some "hot sauce" in here -- in quotation marks because he uses sambal to create it. Not spicy to me, but great flavor.

Mohammed toasts the pita on the flattop before putting the gyro together. The lamb is cut into uniform thin strips here, juicy and tender. A generous helping of fresh vegetables (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion) makes the meal even more guilt-free! I do prefer my gyros with feta and perhaps a little more tzatziki would be great. Overall, I got a fairly large portion for the money spent, always a good thing.

On my visit, there was a tray of baklava out, and even though it was maybe only noon, over half the tray was gone. Must be pretty good!


I must also praise Mohammed for cranking out orders very quickly, even taking multiple orders at once whenever possible. That earns some bonus points with me! Check this cart out! 7.75/10

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