Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Killer Burger (Part 3)

(Original Review -- May 2011 Marine Burger)
(Second Review -- May 2011 PBPB Burger)

Since my last review, Killer Burger has opened up three more locations: one in the Sellwood district of Portland, one in Bingen (Washington), and the latest one in Vancouver (Washington). I had a burger craving last month and randomly stopped in for a bite to eat at the Vancouver spot.

The menu here is the same as the other Killer Burgers. Also a good beer selection, if that's your thing. Probably the best part for me has been their happy hour each weekday (M-F from 2-5 p.m.). A classic burger or a peanut burger-pickle-bacon (PBPB) burger, with fries, for $4.95.

I dunno why I gravitated toward the "Jose Mendoza" ($7.95), but that just called my name on this day. A 1/3 lb. patty with roasted green chiles, jack cheese, bacon, smoky house sauce, grilled onions, and pickles. A side order of fries automatically come with each burger.

"Jose Mendoza"
(Killer Burger)
Great burger as usual. Roasting the mild chiles here brings out great flavor, and I'm a big fan of pickles. Bacon's basically an autowin. For me, the smokiness in the house sauce just takes the burger to the next level.

I love crispy fries that err more toward the salty side, and that's what I received here. Some of the smaller fries got extra crunchy in the fryer. Double win and a mega happy panda. These fries are a bit thicker than the average french fry. The bigger fries stayed pleasingly soft on the inside.

EDIT: And my spicochist review video is now up!

I was actually amused when I saw the "Marine" burger (which I did last year) was temporarily unavailable at the time (roughly mid-November). I can only guess that they didn't have all the ingredients for the challenge. Not that I would do it again, but it'd be fun to see someone else give it a go. Turning back into a sadistic panda. As a note, I'm sure they still don't allow anyone to place takeout orders on the "Marine" or even allow that constructed burger to leave the premises.

Heh, the "Marine" was temporarily unavailable...

Gotta remind myself to get the "Black Molly" next time ($9.95). 1/3 lb beef patty, smoky house sauce, grilled onion, Philly steak, provolone, house-brined roasted green chiles, mayo, and bacon. OK, maybe no mayo for me. But what about some PB sauce with that? Hmm...make it a fatty for $2 more? Perhaps a few habaneros from the Marine burger (ghost peppers could be a tad excessive)? I like the sound of it, but I'm obviously not normal.

Can't wait to head back for another burger! 8.25/10

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