Monday, June 10, 2013

Pi Woodfired Pizza

Pi Woodfired Pizza is located at the Cartlandia food pod in Portland, Oregon. This is the same food cart as Mother Goose Bakery. While Doris and Greg run the baked goods in the morning, nephews Dallas and Aubrey fire up the pizza in the afternoons and evenings.

I came down in mid-May to try this pizza. I remembered Greg (from Mother Goose Bakery) mentioning they would have wood-fired pizza at the cart in the future, and this was it.

It's a black, domed pizza oven which gets to about 900 degrees. It's just awesome seeing the wood on fire inside that oven.

The pizzas are 12" in diameter with the crust as thin as a credit card. All fresh ingredients here. The dough and pizza sauce are made from scratch.

I ordered a Margherita pizza ($7) in advance and went to chat with some of the other cart owners. When I got back, the pizza was in the oven waiting for me to eat it. Just seeing the cheese bubble made me want to eat it faster. Yeah, I've had pizza burn the roof of my mouth before, but that never stopped me from stuffing my face full of scorching-hot pizza the next time.

Pizza cooking in the oven!
Margherita Pizza
(Pi Woodfired Pizza)
Closeup of the crust
This pizza was fantastic. Nice crunch on the outer crust, and the sauce has a wonderful sweetness. A healthy dose of melted mozzarella on top. Can't beat a topping as simple as basil.

I guess if anything, the dough in the center might have been a bit too thin. The weight of the sauce and cheese on top made the slices droop when I folded it and picked it up. That shouldn't take away from the quality of the overall product. I wasn't hungry and still polished the 12" pizza off in about five minutes while chatting a bit with Dallas.

You'll also see cheese, pepperoni, and Hawaiian pizza options on the menu. No slices, just whole pies.

Look out for some limited-time specials at the cart in the future.

The pizza oven can probably hold one 16" pizza. Anything larger might not work, but you know, I'm always down to experiment and order a larger pizza just to see how much I can eat. You know, for science.

Chances are we'll see this cart seasonally. It should stay open through the spring, summer, and fall, then take a break during the winter months.

I'm a big fan of this pizza cart. Cartlandia seems to be getting a lot of great food carts lately! 8.75/10

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