Sunday, June 16, 2013

Guero PDX

Guero PDX is located in a small food pod near SE 28th and Ankeny in Portland, Oregon. Other notable carts there include Captured by Porches, Grilled Cheese Grill, Euro Trash, and Wolf & Bear's.

Alec Morrison and Megan Sanchez opened this cart at the beginning of May. They started as "Taco the Town," which focused on bringing from-scratch tacos (tortillas and all) to the public on a bike. They have since upgraded to a full trailer, still winning people over with the hand-pressed tortillas, fresh salsas, and sustainably raised pork.

After a couple of good friends recommended this food cart, I had to try it for myself.

There are three types of tacos to choose from, each being $2. Their tortas are $7, while their bolos are $8-$9. I went with tacos this time. Can't pass up the fresh tortillas. While I've seen other places double up the tortilla, it's just a single tortilla per taco here.

Tacos from Guero PDX
Carnitas al Guero (left); Chochinita Pibil (right)
The carnitas here is made with Carlton Farms pork. Wonderful flavor, juicy, tender. Serve it with some onions and cilantro. Simple, yet effective.

The Cochinita Pibil takes that same pork, but slow-cooks it in achiote and banana leaf. Put some pickled onion on there for some tang and color presentation.

Jitomate is an interesting combination of strewed habanero-tamarind tomatoes with pinto beans. It's served with cheese and avocado. A nice choice for a person who wants a bit more heat.

Many people already know that I'm past insane with heat levels. At Guero, there's a carrot-habanero hot sauce waiting. That bottle is clearly marked "HOT!" I otherwise ignored that warning and helped myself. Nice tang and sweetness with a pleasing burn.

In the interest of science, I also tried their milder green sauce. Yum.

Alec and Megan have one heck of a food cart. The pod is still near a main street (Burnside), so head on down and check them out. 8/10

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