Monday, June 3, 2013

Smaaken Waffles

Smaaken Waffles is located at the tiny Hillsdale Food Cart Park, at the corner of SW Sunset and Capitol in Portland, Oregon.

"Smaaken" is Dutch for "tasty." And tasty apparently comes in the form of a folded waffle taco, a.k.a. a Dutch taco.

There are basically two menus, one listing savory tacos and the other with strictly sweet fillings. So obviously I pick a version of door #3 which combines savory and sweet.

(April 2013)
I got the Bacon Maple waffle taco here ($5.95), which one can find on the savory list. Basically, I got it because it has bacon. And bacon is awesome with something like maple butter.

Bacon Maple Waffle
(Smaaken Waffles)

The waffle was an eye-pleasing golden brown and had a great crunch to it. A healthy amount of crispy bacon inside this waffle taco. Frankly, I coulda used a bit more maple butter, but I believe I saw a bottle of maple syrup at the ordering window if you want to be like me and make your sweet tooth a bit happier.

I noticed another popular option is the "Popeye ($6.25), which is loaded with cage-free eggs, cheddar cheese, and spinach. Add $2 more if you want sausage or bacon included.

The sweet side is just ridiculously sinful because it makes me want to get one of each. For starters, check out the "Bananatella" ($5.25), which has sliced bananas, Nutella, and whipped cream. Add chocolate sauce to that for 50 cents more.

Millar's Coffee is served here. Local wood-fire roasted beans and 100% organic.

You can also try Waffle Corn Dogs. All-natural, nitrate-free goodness. Beef and veggie dogs available.

Smaaken Waffles is yet another food cart worth trying. If you're in the area, I say check it out! 7.5/10

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