Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Beez Neez

Beez Neez is located near SW 3rd and Washington in downtown Portland, Oregon. Bryan is the owner of this cart, which has been going strong for over three years.

This place is perhaps known for the Alaskan Reindeer sausage ($5.50), brought straight from Alaska.

Bryan toasts the buns on the grill and splits each sausage while it cooks. He sautees onions in a pan and makes it an option with each hot dog. And yup, you can get a lovely grilled jalapeno with your meal.

The reindeer sausage is excellent, top-notch seasoning. To me, the snap of the natural casing really makes the sausage that much better. The onions are cooked to perfection, still with a slight crunch to them. And bless you, Bryan, for toasting the bun.

Gotta get a jalapeno as well!
Bryan also usually has a sweet treat available at the cart. Whether it's homemade chocolate chip cookies or triple chocolate brownies, it's guaranteed to be a winner.

The chocolate chip cookie ($1.50) was outstanding. A hefty little guy it was. Can't go wrong with chocolate chips and walnuts. And hey, it was a whole wheat chocolate chip cookie, which automatically means it's healthy.

Bryan makes several from-scratch sauces. He likes the garlic aioli, while I reached automatically for the Chile de Arbol y Guajillo sauce. While I don't think any of the sauces are really spicy, the one I had packed some great flavor.

Even the sauerkraut here is made from scratch.

Other choices include German bratwurst, Polish beef dogs, and vegan sausages.

This is a very solid food cart and I definitely want to go back for more. I'm just puzzled on why it took me so long to visit this place. 8.75/10

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