Friday, September 27, 2013

YouTube: 7 Pot Brown Pain and Wasabi Snickers

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been sidetracked with some personal matters (nothing bad), so I've largely kept the YouTube stuff relegated to simple reviews or short challenges. Probably the one exception was the Afterburn 7 Pot Brown pepper, which gave me a quick reminder on why I don't always stuff superhots down my throat.

Evil pod. Just evil.
Carl's Jr. recently rolled out a Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger using Frank's Red Hot sauce. Figure it was only logical to enjoy this tasty burger with more hot sauce.

Salt & Straw has basically become one of the premiere spots to head to in Portland, Oregon. The unique ice creams that come out of this scoop shop continue to boggle my mind. In September, I probably had the most bizarre ice cream of them all: Mint Leaves and Sea Urchin Meringue ice cream. And yes, it was awesome.

Naader and I did another collab. With another summer in the books, we bid farewell to the nicer weather (at least in the Pacific NW) with some Wasabi Snickers Ice Cream Bars.

I'm surprised I hadn't done a spicy mustard challenge until a couple weeks ago. I could probably claim negative calories on this one. Zero calories for the food, some slight sweating for the heat.

Two more Spicochist Reviews: Pringles Salsa de Habanero Potato Chips and TMudder's Crazed Jamaican Jerk Sauce. I highly recommend any of TMudder's awesome sauces. Can't go wrong if you love serious heat.

I had not done Afterburn videos for the past two months because I was not able to get a lot of fresh superhots. Thanks to my friend Alan Cole, I got hooked up with some very fresh specimens. Fiery toys.

I decided to tackle the infamous 7 Pot Brown first because it's basically lit up almost every chilehead I know. The spicochist certainly felt the wrath of this pod. The pepper I had was easily hotter than the Carolina Reaper I did on a previous Afterburn video. I'm no expert on these pods, but I swear I got a pod in the 1.7 million Scoville unit range. I had spice burns on my throat for about 5-6 hours after the stunt.

The 7 Pot Brown earned a special bonus commentary video from me. People said I handled the pepper well, but trust me, my face doesn't lie. It certainly was not my finest hour -- or 24 hours.

Once things get back to normal again, I'll be filming more original content. I'll see you all in the next video! Embrace that pain!

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