Sunday, August 10, 2014

Black Dog (Hot Dog Cart)

Black Dog is a hot dog push cart in Vancouver, Washington.

I saw this cart near the Clark County Courthouse, at the corner near the Public Service Center. I'm not sure if he also sets up shop in other spots.

Kurt (the owner) is from New Mexico and grew up eating the fire-roasted Hatch green chiles -- something so common in New Mexico, yet remains foreign in the Pacific NW.

I had to try the Signature Green Chile hot dog here ($3.50), using jarred, fire-roasted New Mexico Hatch Green Chile.

All things considered, it's simply a standard hot dog with a brand of jarred green chile that one cannot find here (at least to my knowledge). This menu item helps make this place stand out from other hot dog stands.

I like the flavor of the fire-roasted green chile, mild delayed kick. The appearance of a fresh pod is similar to an Anaheim chile and is likely no hotter than a jalapeno.

I do wish that something more was added to make it feel even more special. I know I've seen various brands of hot dogs or hot dog buns that carts have used.

With fresh Hatch chiles coming out from August (usually green chiles) through about October (probably all red by this point), maybe Kurt can get his hands on some of the fresh stuff.

It's nice to see that The Columbian did an article on Kurt's hot dog cart.

If you like a hot dog with mildly spicy topping, the green chile dog is worth a try. 6/10

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