Sunday, August 3, 2014

Seoul Sausage

Seoul Sausage is located on Mississippi Avenue in Los Angeles, California. It's right next door to Blockheads.

People may remember Seoul Sausage from the third season of "The Great Food Truck Race." After winning Season 3, they got to keep their food truck. After much success, the owners transitioned to the brick-and-mortar game.

The menu has the items that got Seoul Sausage to the big dance, including their sausages and rice balls.

Being a poutine lover, the Galbi Poutine ($8) got my attention. Upon seeing the ingredients, I knew it wouldn't be close to the traditional stuff (cheese curds not even in this), but I got it anyway. Fries, 8-hour braised short ribs, cheese (probably shredded mozzarella), and kimchi pickled onions. Avocado-lime crema on the side.

The short ribs and fries were great. If anything, the pickled onions gave the dish extra bite and additional colorful presentation points. The crema was not bad; not sure if the main point was to help cut through the richness of the other components. In all honesty, I'm not a huge sour cream or crema guy.

I also tried the Flaming rice balls ($3): Cheesy kimchi fried rice, spicy pork, and their house DMZ sauce. Great frying; got that crispy, crusty shell. The sauce really brightened everything up.

"Da KFC" (Korean Fried Chicken) sounds like a winner. The Korean-inspired burgers also seem like a big hit.

Sauces for rice balls and Galbi Poutine, respectively

It may be an adventure to find parking in the area. My cousin was shocked to find a space right in front of the building. But hey, gotta take what you can get.

I hope to try this place again on a future trip. 7/10

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