Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Philippe the Original

Philippe the Original, located on N Alameda Street in Los Angeles, California, is widely known as the home of the French Dip.

Adam Richman highlighted Philippe's on the Los Angeles episode of Man v. Food. Ever since I first watched that episode, I've wanted to try this spot out. Luckily for me and my cousin, when we arrived on a Sunday afternoon, there was virtually no line. Busy, but no line.

We shared a couple of French dips, double-dipping the beef and lamb sandwiches. We also got a side of potato salad. Upon closer inspection, the beef was sliced thinner than the lamb.

Beef French Dip
Beef French Dip (cross-section)
The Beef French Dip was awesome. Juicy and tender. Au jus is a magical thing, folks.

Lamb French Dip was a bit saltier than the beef, but still good. Again, happy panda. Potato salad was also pretty good.

Lamb French Dip w/Potato Salad
Lamb French Dip (cross-section)
People head to Philippe's for the spicy mustard. I've already ordered and enjoyed this mustard in the past. I've put it on sandwiches, omelets, and even my salad.

There's a parking lot for Philippe's customers, but of course, the panda totally ignored that and parked in a lot where I had to pay $4. Oops.

Next time, I'll have to get beer and dessert here. And perhaps try the other French Dip options. 7.75/10

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