Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Vidcon 2015 Recap!

One month ago, I traveled to Anaheim to meet up with several YouTubers at Vidcon 2015! Here's a sample of what we did over four epic days!

Day 1 (July 22)
I flew in on a Wednesday and spent the first few hours driving around Los Angeles. I also stopped at a hot sauce store to get some goodies. Light My Fire is probably the most glorious place I've ever seen. Literally walls filled with hot sauce bottles.

Once I got to Anaheim, I checked into my hotel and walked to the convention center to register for Vidcon. Met up with the Cult Moo gang and the fun pretty much started from there. Matt Zion from Wreckless Eating joined us, so we headed to Fire + Ice for food and drinks.

While there, Dude Where's My Challenge and KBDProductionsTV (Ken Domik) joined us. It was my first time meeting those guys (save for Pauly of DWMC), but it instantly felt like we had known each other for years. Helps to watch their videos on a constant basis.

We retreated back to The Clarion to hang out. Chuck from the Bronx joined us after he had an issue with the airline losing his luggage. HellthyJunkFood (JP and Julia) also hung out with us. But frankly, the biggest surprise was Daym Drops paying us a short visit. I had hoped to meet him during the trip, but didn't realize I'd see him the first night.

Day 2 (July 23)
The second day started at the Anaheim Convention Center. I ran into Ken Domik and Ian K. from Peep This Out Reviews.

Part of the Wreckless Eating crew showed up: Matt, Chris, Deathtoll, and Chuck Roland.

BlumGum paid us a visit! We would collab with him later.

We all headed to Sandbox Bar & Grille for some food and drinks. We all enjoyed the food and drinks there!

We quickly got to filming. When a challenge involves Four Loko (40 shots over 40 minutes), that pretty much sums up how nutso the night was.

I went upstairs to film with HellthyJunkFood. Naader (FreakEating) joined us for a couple of collabs.

ARoc joined us later that night! Another Wreckless Eating cast member!

Day 3 (July 24)
Day 3 started with me doing a collab with Ken Domik. We each filmed review videos for our own channels and plugged a couple of the food trucks setting up shop at the convention center.

Wreckless Eating did a collab with Adam the Woo. Got a picture with Adam afterward.

I watched the Wreckless Eating Main Show with special guest Matt from DWMC. Probably one of the best starts and finishes to a main show I've seen.

After over a year of waiting, I finally filmed a video on Dude Where's My Challenge's channel. The 100% Pain hot sauce is no joke.

We filmed a few videos at DWMC's hotel room.

Then it was back to The Clarion. In a crazy turn of events, Wreckless Eating ended up with the hotel room right next to Cult Moo. Tons of filming ensued. Honestly, it felt like I was in college again -- without the classes or homework. Talk about a glorious life. We filmed past midnight and would start all over again the following day.

Wreckless Eating Main Show filming! And I took home a spicy souvenir.

A3k (WE cast member) arrived!

Laurie and Justin showed up. More WE cast members!

Day 4 (July 25)
The final full day of Vidcon started with me going back to a beer store. Mr. K's Liquor in Placentia had a wonderful selection. Even found Russian River Damnation.

I met up with the gang at Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles for one final group brunch. Wreckless Eating would be leaving us after the meal.

Naader came back down for some filming. I felt bad for housekeeping.

Surprise appearance by Sean Brotherton, one of the original Wreckless Eating cast members!

The last round of filming took place at the Carriage Inn, where Dude Where's My Challenge stayed.

Special appearances from PhilaDehlia and Jeff Fu!

We filmed many videos, but one of the finales was partaking in a 16 Million Pure Capsaicin challenge video. You can relive the madness below.

After a couple of beer pong games for Main Event Pong and DWMC, the filming came to a close.

Day 5 (July 26)
I basically spent most of my morning in the hotel room recovering from the previous four days of insanity. After checking out of my hotel room, I started driving back to Los Angeles.

In Huntington Park, I made sure to get my In-N-Out Burger fix. Word on the street is a location will open up in Medford before the end of 2015. Hopefully that is the case.

After one last beer at LAX, it was time to head home.

Vidcon 2015 easily surpassed the festivities of 2014. While we didn't go to any parties and decreased our time inside the convention center, I enjoyed being able to hang out with great people and film a ton of videos with them. I caught up with old buddies and made new friends. It's crazy how I might meet someone in person for the first time, but I feel like I already know that person after watching their YouTube videos.

It's accurate to say that I'm part of a growing YouTube family. Until we meet again next year....

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