Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Mr. Maple Donuts

Mr. Maple Donuts is located on NE 78th Street, near NE Hwy 99, in Vancouver, Washington.

This family-owned spot opened over three months ago and has already received rave reviews, including from the local Columbian newspaper.

Various doughnuts available here from the traditional raised glazed to different fritters. Bagels are also available for the person wanting a savory item. Name plates of items with orange tags are more expensive than the ones with green tags.

As the name of the place implies, maple bars are usually among the most popular. One of these ($1.35) happily satisfied my sweet tooth. Soft and pillowy, with a generous amount of maple glaze on top. The hardened glaze still remained soft throughout, great texture and consistency there.

It's common for people to order a dozen doughnuts to go.

Naturally, I also had to get some coffee while here. A 16 oz cup ($1.95) hit the spot. Choice here of medium or dark roast coffee, and it's all self-serve.

In the future, apple fritters and the traditional raised glazed would be on my list. Hours generally are from 5 AM to 9 PM.

Check out Mr. Maple Donuts for some awesome sweet treats! 8.75/10

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