Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Snooze (Charlotte)

Snooze has locations in multiple states. This blog post covers the spot on Central Avenue in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I had been to one of Snooze's locations in Denver years ago. While searching for breakfast spots in Charlotte, I saw they were about to open a Snooze location there. Snooze Charlotte opened June 26, and I stopped in on their third day of business.

****UPDATE: It was actually the Centennial location in Colorado.

As a note, I generally don't sleep very well on airplanes. It's a mix of the generally uncomfortable seat, being upright, and other factors (people bump into you or kick the back of your seat). But on trips, sleep is for the weak.

Snooze Charlotte was full at 7:30 AM on a Friday. Figure it was opening weekend, too. They have their own parking lot, but it was jam-packed with cars. I parked on the street nearby instead.

Like at most breakfast places with bar seating, that area is first-come, first-served, so I nabbed a seat with no wait time. Otherwise, there's self-serve coffee outside if you do have to wait.

Since it's the South, I ordered the Shrimp and Grits ($13.95). I told myself that was going to be one of the first items I got when I landed. Home-style cheesy grits loaded with sauteed shrimp, andouille sausage, soffritto, and topped with a cage-free sunny-side-up egg.

Amazing cheesy grits, mostly smooth but with some texture. Perfectly cooked shrimp, and the sausage worked well with it. The aromatics of the soffritto helped bring everything together. The egg on top still had a good runny yolk to it.

Great service, and the bar is filled with what appears to be local alcohol. Lots of cocktail choices as well.

It was a bit slow checking out, as they use a small tablet that can only cater to one person at a time.

I believe North Carolina is roughly the sixth state Snooze now has a location in. The menus will probably have regional differences, so be sure to check this spot out! 8.5/10

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