Saturday, September 24, 2011

Slice Brick Oven Pizza

(UPDATE: On 12/7/11, Food Carts Portland announced that Slice Brick Oven Pizza has closed and may re-open in summer 2012. I listed them as "on hiatus" for now.)

Slice Brick Oven Pizza is a pizza truck located at the D-Street Noshery food pod in Portland, Oregon.

They have your usual American classic pizzas, such as cheese and pepperoni; the Italian classics like the Margherita; and other specialty pizzas...can you say Truffle Pie? They can make whole pies of12 inches or 16 inches, but they also serve pizza slices (although the specialty pizzas are not sold by the slice).

A friend and I did our own food cart tour one night. We started at this cart and had a slice of Margherita pizza ($3.50).

Margherita pizza (from Slice Brick Oven Pizza)
It was good, but not the best. I really enjoyed the slightly charred crust that a brick oven will give a pizza. The fresh basil was cut chiffonade-style. The blend of basil, mozzarella, and pizza sauce reinforced why whomever invented the Margherita was a genius.

The pizza crust was extremely thin in the middle, so eating it New York style was a challenge here. I would have wanted real tomato slices on this pizza. Come on, it's not a Margherita pizza without the tomato slices! Not mind-blowing, but not horrible. 4.5/10

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