Friday, September 9, 2011

Adam's Rib Smokehouse (Part 2)

A friend and I returned to Adam's Rib Smokehouse about a week and a half ago. I had originally planned on getting a burger, but at the last minute, I decided on something more low-carb (I had overloaded on carbs the day before). I got the pulled pork low-carb meal ($8.95): basically my choice of meat (in this case, pulled pork) with a side of grilled vegetables. My friend got some chili with a sweet corn muffin.

Low-carb pulled pork plate (with Blazin' Hot BBQ sauce on my pulled pork)
Adam's chili w/sweet corn muffin
I loved the slight smokiness of the pulled pork, and when paired with their Blazin' Hot BBQ sauce, gives the ideal amount of sweet and heat that I enjoy. The pork will not melt in your mouth or anything, but it was definitely in the above-average echelon. The grilled vegetables were seasoned well and retained their crunch. And yes, I put the BBQ sauce on the veggies as well! I basically got a dish that would be hard for them to screw up -- and they prepared the food very well here.

My friend liked her chili, but stated she would have wanted it spicier -- even after she put the Blazin' Hot BBQ sauce in her food. Yup, I've used similar phrases in the past to describe my food experiences....

In short, Adam's Rib Smokehouse remains a good place in Salem to get some BBQ! 7.5/10 (no change in rating)

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