Sunday, September 18, 2011


Sybil's is a breakfast-and-lunch dive on State St. in Salem, Oregon. They are known for their omelets, boasting about 110 choices -- including choices featuring bacon, ham, spinach, mushroom, or even crab. Sybil's serves other traditional American breakfast items, as well as a simple lunch menu of burgers and sandwiches. They serve breakfast all day (until they close at roughly 2 p.m.).

I ordered their Denver omelet: a three-egg omelet of ham, green bell pepper, onion, and cheddar cheese, with a side of hash browns and whole wheat toast ($8.25).

Denver omelet w/hash browns and whole wheat toast
A nice plateful of food here.

With respect to the omelet, the cheddar cheese, once in shredded (possibly packaged) form, melted quite nicely inside the blanket of eggs. The ham gave the omelet a much-desired savory, salty nature, while the cooked diced bell peppers and onions retained just a bit of crunch for a great texture contrast. I would have liked the omelet itself (namely the eggs) to have a bit of salt and pepper in there. I also think the ham would have benefited from a bit of cooking to release more flavor.

The hash browns were basically shredded potatoes, cooked to a golden brown on the outside. Again, it lacked seasoning. I also had my mini-battles with the hash browns, trying to section off pieces to eat -- but instead getting a large mass of potato on my fork more often than not.

The whole wheat toast was fine, but the bread was clearly from a distributor. How hard is it to take out two slices of bread, toast them, butter them, cut the toast on the bias, and place it on the plate? A child can do that one. I'm not convinced that the meal was worth the $8.25 I paid.

Sybil's interior needs work. In my opinion, the carpet needs to go. There is so much brown and yellow color in there, it feels too vintage and outdated. Lighter walls/furniture and brighter lights would work wonders here. It's clear on paper that omelets are Sybil's specialty. Unfortunately, the food could have been a lot more flavorful. 3.25/10

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