Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nuevo Mexico

(As of 10/31/11, Nuevo Mexico has closed for business)

Nuevo Mexico is a New Mexican food cart located in the Mississippi Marketplace food pod at the corner of N. Mississippi Ave. and Skidmore St. They are one of only two New Mexican food carts that I know of (Pepper Box being the other). To my delight, Nuevo Mexico also stays true to New Mexican roots by using Hatch green chiles. Throughout September, they will also do Hatch green chile roasts!

I ordered their Breakfast Burrito ($6): a flour tortilla is stuffed with hash browns, cheese, eggs, bacon, pinto beans, and green chile. Their breakfast items are usually served until 1 p.m.

Breakfast burrito (Nuevo Mexico food cart)
From the first bite to the last, I got overwhelmed with the starchiness of the pinto beans and hash browns. The flour tortilla didn't do any favors on that front. I will say that the potatoes were cooked nicely. While the scrambled eggs and gooey cheese made cameos every now and then, the green chile was disappointingly lost in the sea of fillings. I did not care for the two or three strips of softened bacon in the burrito (I prefer crispy bacon). Basically, the burrito lacked spice and needed more seasoning -- and textural contrasts would have been nice. It also wasn't the most beautiful burrito ever. A lack of vibrant colors here, and the burrito just seemed too one-dimensional. Perhaps rice (Mexican rice?) could have helped this burrito for taste and texture. In short, this meal felt little more than a bean burrito with potatoes in it.

There are people that like Nuevo Mexico's carne adovada and green chile stew, so I might go back to give that a try.

The young man running the cart was very friendly and did a great job. While I would not have expected Nuevo Mexico to blow me away like Pepper Box did, I expected a better product. 3/10

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