Friday, September 23, 2011

Lucky Strike

(Please read part 2, posted in February 2012, for a better experience)

Lucky Strike is a Chinese restaurant located on SE Hawthorne Blvd. in Portland, Oregon.

I went with a friend to this establishment on a Friday night. It was a bit hard to find the place...we really only found it because the Lucky Strike menu was posted outside. While my friend really liked the decor, I felt it was a bit too dark for my tastes. I will, however, admit the bar looked really cool.

Lucky Strike has a lot of spicy items on the menu, but one item intrigued me enough to forgo ordering the spicy food. We got their orange chicken ($11): tender chicken in a house-made orange sauce, with Mandarin orange wedges and topped with shaved dark chocolate. We also ordered a side of brown rice ($1.50).

Orange can see the shaved dark chocolate

Sorry folks, that was probably one of the worst orange chicken dishes I've ever had. The chicken was dry and the sauce had virtually zero flavor. The Mandarin oranges were really the most flavorful thing on the plate. The rice was fine for what it was. A very disappointing dish that will not be ordered again. I could see how orange chicken and dark chocolate can work if executed properly, but this fell well short of expectations. $12.50 basically down the drain here.


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  2. Yeah. It's just that the whole deal with the chocolate shavings piqued my interest so much. I'll admit I've deviated significantly from eating a lot of spicy food lately. I'll consider giving this place another try in the future, and when I do, I'll try at least one of your suggestions!