Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Local Boyz Hawaiian Cafe (Part 2)

(To read my initial review of Local Boyz, click here)

In celebrating my 28th birthday the other week, I decided to return to Local Boyz for another (different) meal, making sure the rating I gave them the first time was accurate.

Yes, they tell you to order by the number, as stated on their menu. This time, I got a #23...the regular chicken combo plate ($11.25). All three Local Boyz chicken dishes (teriyaki chicken, sweet 'n hot chicken, and shoyu chicken) with two scoops of white rice and macaroni salad. The mac salad came in its own container (keeping the cold mac salad away from the temperature-hot chicken and rice).

#23: Regular chicken combo plate
Local Boyz' mac salad
All the chicken dishes were very juicy...thank you for not serving me dry chicken! As usual, the stunning, flavorful shoyu chicken started a raucous party in my mouth.

However, the teriyaki chicken and sweet 'n hot chicken attempted to crash that party. While I appreciated the lovely grill marks on the charbroiled teriyaki chicken, it could have benefited from sitting in the teriyaki sauce marinade a bit longer. As for the sweet 'n hot chicken, I enjoyed the sweet chili sauce, but the onions were still fairly raw and needed at least 1-2 more minutes in the pan.

My views on the mac salad remain the same: Local Boyz captures the peppery bite well, and the mayo-to-macaroni ratio is ideal. Nicely seasoned, but could benefit from a little color and texture contrast (such as shredded carrot).

Ultimately, I didn't think this plate was worth $11.25. Local Boyz's rating will decrease a bit here. I still wish they did other Island favorites such as kalua pig, haupia, and shave ice. And of course, I wish there was a brown rice option. But there's no mistaking the fact that Local Boyz remains popular, especially with the OSU crowd. 7.5/10

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