Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pie Spot

(UPDATE 1/13/13: Pie Spot's last day as a food cart was 1/13/13, but they plan to have a  brick-and-mortar storefront by the end of the month!)

(UPDATE on 10/3/12: Pie Spot has moved to 521 NE 24th Ave., between Glisan and Sandy! They hope to have a brick-and-mortar bakery built by January 2013. They used Kickstarter to help fund the endeavor, but couldn't meet their $12,000 goal by the September 28, 2012, deadline.)

The Pie Spot, specializing in savory and sweet pies, is located in the D-Street Noshery food pod in Portland, Oregon.

I talked with a lovely couple standing in front of me near this food cart. The woman raved about Pie Spot's pies, saying I really couldn't go wrong with any choice.

Pie Spot's savory pies are $7 and consist of popular items such as chicken pot pie and mushroom gruyere. They also offer sweet "pie holes" for $3.50. Pie Spot also runs seasonal pies during certain times of the year.

Menu (as of early September 2011)
I ordered one of their most popular pie holes: marionberry with a brown sugar crumble topping.

Marionberry pie hole w/brown sugar crumble topping (Pie Spot)
Oh, where to begin on this one? The buttery, flaky crust was absolute heaven. I feared the filling and the crumble topping would cause sweetness overload, but it was well-balanced and pleasurable. I savored each decadent bite...crust, marionberry, crumble topping. Foodgasm! And then I was sad that there was no more pie after about two minutes.

The pie was room temperature, and I think the marionberry pie would have been even better warm. Or heck, pair this with ice cream and it would be a virtual 10. Next time, I'll ask if the pies can be heated before serving. And since Salt & Straw Ice Cream sells Pie Spot's pies at their new scoop shop, maybe Pie Spot could sell some Salt & Straw ice cream in return?

Great service and very reasonable prices. Had I not been so full from eating lunch just a bit earlier, I would have gotten another pie on the spot. One of the few times I was really at a loss for words while eating (and after finishing). Bet the farm that I'll be back for a savory pie very soon. 9.25/10

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