Monday, September 26, 2011

Awesome Cone

(UPDATE 5/23/12: Awesome Cone is now closed. Gonzo -- which used to be the One Hundred Miles cart on NE Alberta -- has taken that spot in the D-Street Noshery lot)

Awesome Cone, located at the D-Street Noshery food pod in Portland, Oregon, takes waffle cones to a new level. It's not ice cream or soft serve in those cones, we got real food here!

I had been eyeing this food cart for some time now, all because they have something called the "Pig Cone" ($6). It's a waffle cone stuffed with pulled pork (covered in a sweet, tangy BBQ sauce) and cole slaw.

Pig Cone

Closeup shot...not the best picture of the cole slaw at night, but it'll do
OK, this is the time where we need some gospel music and the right to change the name of the cone from the "Pig Cone" to "The World's Best Waffle Cone Idea." Good grief, how to describe this?

The BBQ sauce here made a huge statement. It had the tones of sweet and tang, but it also brought a nice kick to the party...unexpected, but excellent. The juicy pulled pork and the cole slaw...a harmonious combination.

I love that Awesome Cone runs frequent specials. They even have a waffle cone stuffed with chicken and dumplings. Yes, I'd take one of each, and I wish I could go twice on Sundays. I remember my first waffle cone (filled with ice cream, of course) in San Francisco when I was probably about 7-8 years old. Chalk up another glorious memory involving waffle cones about 20 years later. 9/10

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