Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cart With No Name

Cart With No Name is located at the Good Food Here pod (SE 43rd and Belmont) in Portland, Oregon. Jacki Parks is the owner of the cart. She worked overseas before opening this cart in March. What started out as part-time work quickly developed into a more full-time gig.

A little back story on the cart "name": Jacki basically spent weeks trying to figure out a good cart name, with no luck. She spent much of her time in a desert climate (think "A Horse with No Name"), so there you have it.

The chicken wrap ($7) starts with a large flour tortilla. Jacki adds herbed mayo and fresh greens/spinach. After a little olive oil, Jacki adds a nice helping of dried cranberries, feta cheese, and a generous portion of diced moist chicken breast.

Jacki constructs the chicken wrap!
Chicken Wrap
(Cart With No Name)
This was a delicious wrap. I personally loved the refreshing greens, olive oil, and the feta. I will say that there was a little too much greens/spinach for me, as it tended to overshadow the sweet dried cranberries and moist chicken. It's a minor nitpick, if anything. The wrap can be quite the filling meal!

Jacki should be adding some new menu items, including a French dip sandwich. People that want to satisfy their sweet tooth can get a grilled peanut butter sandwich with either honey or chocolate inside (small $4, large $6). In a cheesy mood? Her grilled cheese sandwich should hit the spot, and she has five different cheeses to choose from. I wonder if you can get all five for a cheesegasm....

Check out Jacki's cart ASAP! It may be a cart with no name, but the food speaks for itself! 7.5/10

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