Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bibim Bap House (Part 2)

(Original Review -- May 2012)

My initial visit left a very positive impression, one that I wanted to let my mother experience. She came up to Oregon to visit for a week, and for her last big meal here for the foreseeable future, I thought it was a good idea to bring her here -- even if just to show there are great places to eat around my neck of the woods.

The same older woman who greeted me on my first visit must have remembered me pretty well. After all, I am a one-man foodie paparazzi.

We received a complementary roll, with cucumber, flakes of tempura batter, and a tasty orange-colored sauce on top. Man, was that delicious. Excellently prepared, with fresh ingredients. Other appetizers -- to enjoy with our bowl of rice -- included kimchi, pickled shredded daikon radish, bean sprouts, and nori.

Sushi, with separate bowls of nori, pickled radish, sprouts, and kimchi
The Soon Doo Boo ($8.95; $7.95 if a lunch special) is a spicy silky tofu stew with choice of beef, seafood, or kimchi. I chose seafood this time. As usual, it's not spicy for me, but holy tofu, it's delicious. It's very temperature-hot, but the panda doesn't mind burning the roof of his mouth. If anything, I would have liked more seafood here.

Soon Doo Boo
(Bibim Bap House)
When I initially saw the Chicken Bulgogi at $11.95, I was hoping to get a nice portion. And dang, they came through. Coming out on a still-steaming cast iron skillet, the portion could feed two normal people or one hungry Aaron. Incredibly juicy and flavorful chicken. Seriously, I'd come back just for this and the other three Korean BBQ menu items (beef short ribs, the traditional beef bulgogi, and a spicy pork bulgogi rendition). Maybe I can create a food challenge out of this.... (insert beaming panda look here)

Chicken Bulgogi
(Bibim Bap House)
Spicy panda nukes chicken bulgogi
Vintage huge spoon!
We sampled the New York Roll, which has tuna, salmon, and apple. I liked the sushi, but the apple was probably only there just to make the "New York Roll" an appropriate name. It could have easily been replaced with something else.

New York Roll
(Bibim Bap House)
After all that, the owner had one more surprise for us. Sure, it's half a segmented orange, with a strawberry slice in the middle. Bit it came with a cool mini umbrella! Yeah! Pandas are easily amused! Plus, the orange slicing was pretty impressive.

Needless to say, I'm a big fan of Bibim Bap House. Two visits and two largely positive experiences. Figure I'd need a few eons to get through the entire menu, but I certainly don't mind. 8.75/10

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