Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sugar Lilly

Sugar Lilly is a cupcake booth found at the Saturday Market in Salem, Oregon. I had passed by Sarah's booth several times in the past, just never actually stopping for a cupcake. With my sweet tooth in maximum overdrive on a sunny mid-June day, I figured that was as good a time as any to check it out.

Sarah Lilly has been baking all her life, but only started selling cupcakes earlier this year. Looking at her business Facebook page, she has several cupcake choices, rotating several flavors in and out from week to week. Sarah will have about 10 choices overall each week, with 7-8 regular cupcake flavors and about 2-3 gluten-free options. All cupcakes are $3.

The gluten-free cupcakes intrigued me, and I grew even more interested when Sarah mentioned she uses black beans instead of a gluten-free flour mix. I went with a gluten-free mocha cupcake this time. It's a chocolate cupcake topped with coffee buttercream frosting, coffee sprinkles, and a chocolate-covered espresso bean.

Gluten-Free Mocha Cupcake!
(Sugar Lilly)
What a delicious cupcake! The cocoa powder masks the black beans, to the point where it really tastes like your everyday chocolate cupcake. Even better, the texture of the actual cupcake remains unchanged. Every component is amazingly light, including the coffee buttercream. I love the simple garnishing of coffee sprinkles and single chocolate-covered espresso bean.

Regarding the "regular" cupcakes, there are several delectable options, including S'mores, Guinness chocolate, Snickers, Mexican Hot Chocolate, and Apple Spice cupcake choices. Panda gasp! Again, selections vary from week to week, and Sarah posts the Saturday Market menu on her business Facebook page several days in advance.

I've only had one of her many cupcakes, but I definitely want more! I could see myself going on a cupcake bender and eating a dozen of these in one sitting. Check the Sugar Lilly booth out ASAP! 8.75/10

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