Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hungry Heart Cupcakes

Hungry Heart Cupcakes has a kiosk set up under the eating tent at the Mississippi Marketplace food pod (Portland, Oregon). Jax runs this cart, making sure to use fresh ingredients just about every day.

I ordered a lemon drop mini cupcake ($1.50): lemon curd is injected into the cupcake, topped with a strawberry cream frosting and a strawberry slice on top.

Lemon Drop cupcake w/strawberry frosting
(Hungry Heart Cupcakes)
This is probably a time where "small but mighty" is appropriate. It's small, but left me wanting more. Probably a dozen more. Wouldn't be a bad idea for a YouTube video, maybe? The lemon just made everything so refreshing. Wonderful job on the frosting, light and creamy. Strawberry slices make great garnishes.

One of the cupcakes there has bacon on it. I must get that so I can use pandagasm more often. For now, it's still an awesome score. I'll be back! 8/10

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