Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Melting Pot Candy

Melting Pot Candy has a booth at the Saturday Market in Salem, Oregon. Bonnie Andrews is the owner of this establishment, based in Dallas, Oregon. A friendly man named Chris headed the booth on a sunny mid-June day.

When I saw the words "jalapeno toffee," I stopped on a dime and did a double-take. Yeah, real jalapenos are used! Both the jalapeno toffee and the original toffee use almonds, with 8 oz. bags going for about $9. Not surprisingly, I tried a couple pieces of the jalapeno option. It's a superb balance of sweet and heat. The pleasing sweetness hits first, and the heat builds with each additional piece consumed. I'll admit, I might need to eat an entire 8 oz. bag to really get a good burn going!

Jalapeno Toffee underneath!
Jalapeno Toffee!
How about this for a closeup shot?!
There are several types of truffles available, from dark chocolate to marionberry. Try some truffles that contain Pinot Noir or Merlot!

Melting Pot Candy also has chocolate-covered bacon. Yeah, I said it. Thick-cut bacon and chocolate. I'm sure I died a long time ago and went to Heaven.

I wonder if Melting Pot Candy will consider even spicier options in the future. Maybe one with habaneros or ghost peppers for the true spicehead like myself!

Check out Melting Pot Candy's business Facebook page or their official website! Yes, you can even order their toffee and truffles online! 8/10

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