Friday, June 1, 2012

Lonchera Brother Express

Lonchera Brother Express is a Mexican food bus located at the Cartlandia food pod in Portland, Oregon. This place somehow eluded my reviews for a long time, even though they had been parked at Cartlandia for eons. That finally changed one May evening.

Lonchera has a large menu, from the wallet-friendly 99-cent tacos to tasty tortas. Very reasonable prices all around.

(May 2012)
But I love a substantial breakfast option at any food cart. Oh, and I worship the pig. Thus, the hefty bacon and egg breakfast burrito called my name. Potatoes, eggs, melted cheese, and a bunch of crumbled bacon welded together in a steamed flour tortilla. For a nice spicy touch (or at least an attempt at it), I got some red sauce.

Love the wrapping! Chiles!
Breakfast burrito
(Lonchera Brother Express)
Inside this breakfast burrito...lots of bacon!
More people should worship the pig. Just adding the meat crack transformed this burrito from a pleasing meal to epic bliss. It turned me into a happy cartwheel panda dancing fool. There was so much filling inside that burrito, my mighty fork needed to come to the rescue for a temporary time.

I knew my stomach capacity training was good for something. Maybe I was extremely hungry, or maybe the panda just loves slaying burritos. I couldn't stop eating this one. This thing coulda been three feet long and it woulda still perished down the hatch.

If anything, I wish this cart opened earlier (one of the workers said they open at 11 each day. But they're open daily, and everything on the menu is practically fair game as long as they got the ingredients to make it. I'm a fan of this place, and I hope to return in the future! 8.5/10

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