Friday, August 17, 2012

All "classic" videos are uploaded!

Despite (slightly) decreasing my reviews, I've posted a heck of a lot more than I thought I would this month thanks also to letting people know that I'm transferring many of my "classic" spicochist videos to my new YouTube channel. Read the rest of the post to see the last dozen videos, plus what's on the horizon to hopefully gain more of a following.

Stack of Mancakes at Stepping Stone Cafe!
As seen on Man v. Food!
Early April was allowed me to be bizarre, and in what probably is the most talked-about video in my inner circle of friends, I celebrated National Twinkie Day on April 6 by coating two Twinkies in Anchor Bar buffalo wing sauce and eating it on camera. Yeah, if only that one went viral.

Late April really brought out the food challenger in me. First, it was the Stack of Mancakes at Stepping Stone Cafe on April 20. Yeah, that's 4/20. While it's not really an official challenge, you will still get recognized for taking down a stack of three 13" pancakes. All in my system after 30 minutes.

A few days later I headed to Odd Moe's Pizza and helped beta-test their Suicide Squeeze wings challenge. Basically, eat 10 of their spicy wings in five minutes. I did it with ease, but the true star, in my book, was seeing Kevin do half the challenge right beside me and suffering. Sadistic panda? Damn right.

I closed late April with a spicy feast of food at the Flyin' Hawaiian food cart in Portland. Unfortunately, the spice and the amount of heavy protein made me throw in the towel with maybe a pound left. Not one of my better showings. Still delicious, though!

I didn't do many videos in May until Naader Reda showed up for our first OregonMania over Memorial Day weekend. Aside from the mini stunts that I already showed in the highlight videos, I crafted two main videos as well. On Day 3 of OregonMania I, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and I ate 25 Super Blazin' Boneless Wings -- kicking up those blazin' chicken nuggets several thousand more notches with more hot sauces.

The last day of OregonMania I was probably one of the stupider stunts I've done this year, as I struggled to take down a very spicy pizza and two drinks -- each spiked with ghost pepper powder and extract, among other items. I finished, but barely. I also had at least five tall glasses' worth of water in my system taking up a lot of stomach space. Demitri at Church St. Pizza is one awesome dude with tasty pizza, so check his place out in downtown Salem. But yeah, I guess one shouldn't try to consume an Angry Hawaiian and his buddies.

After a couple weeks off, it was back to being the spicochist. I got a little "revenge" on Demitri when we both sampled the Trinidad 7 Pot Douglah pepper. Even in its dried state, it can still reach upwards of 1.8 million Scoville units -- nearly twice as hot as a ghost pepper.

By the time mid-June rolled around, I wanted more pizza, so I drove back to Odd Moe's Pizza. After giving some feedback on their "Hurts Twice" challenge wing sauce, I ate one of their medium pizzas in about five minutes. Oh, and no liquids. They also got real good stuff, so give them business too! I apologize for the angle and bad use of lighting in the video.

Four days after the pizza bender, it was pancake time at The Egg Carton food cart in Portland. Tim and Sarah made me a tower of Devil's Food pancakes, with a bunch of macerated strawberries, chocolate, and whipped cream. And you can't forget bacon. Gone in about four minutes, and again, no liquids allowed to help get the food down. Real good food here, but just have to note that (to my knowledge) the pancakes were a limited-time special.

Then I moved on to chocolate pudding -- spicy chocolate pudding, that is. Three cups of pudding mixed with various hot sauces and ghost chile flakes. Combining speed, dairy, and spice didn't make my stomach too happy after filming this video.

To close out June, I went to the San Diego Taco Company in Salem and took down their 2-pound habanero burrito. Ended up with the second-fastest time at 12:21. It was a tasty burrito with lots of sliced habanero inside!

Finally, in mid-July, I attempted La Perla Tapatia's 20-Taco challenge in Salem. it was challenging enough to try and eat 40 corn tortillas (each taco uses two to hold the generous filling in place), but doing it in 20 minutes forced me to speed eat. Flavor fatigue was a big issue; I probably should have gotten more types of meat to vary up flavor. Also, the chicken I picked was dry and really made the challenge harder. I'm unsure if I could have powered through the last few tacos anyway.

So now I'm all caught up on videos. I plan to have all-new content starting next week!

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