Thursday, August 16, 2012

Crema Coffee Brewtique

Crema Coffee Brewtique is located on High St. NE in downtown Salem, Oregon, next to Love Love Teriyaki II. It is adjacent to the spot where Willamette Noodle Company and Nosh used to be. After a few soft opens, their grand opening was August 1.

The inside is very welcoming, with a few tables to sit at, fairly typical of a coffee house. Balloons gave the place a slight festive feeling to christen the official first day.

This place sells coffee from Stumptown Coffee Roasters, rotating around four selections. I got an 8 oz. house blend ($1.85) that I'd probably associate with a medium roast. Good coffee here, pretty straightforward. Latin American and East African coffees are combined here for a floral and nutty aroma. Not bad, quite frankly.

House Blend Brewed Coffee
(Crema Coffee Brewtique)
I came back a second time and also tried a 8 oz. of the Costa Rica Montes de Oro coffee, also from Stumptown. A bit lighter than what I prefer (and used to drinking), but if you really like a sweet hint and aromatic coffee, then you'll really like it. It was prepared well.

Costa Rica Montes de Oro coffee
(Crema Coffee Brewtique)
I think it's another great option for downtown workers and Willamette University students (if the latter group wants to venture off-campus for more caffeine). Full espresso bar available. If you want a cool drink, this place sells bubble tea and the usual iced coffee options. The staff has been great on both my visits.

As of this post, the pastries in the display case come from another establishment, and I wish Crema would somehow expand to make their own. It's something about baked goods of any sort (savory or sweet) made fresh in house that appeal to me.

Request for freshly made baked goods...?
It's another place in Salem that you'll find cupcakes from Sugar Sugar. There are also a few non-pastry food items, such as wraps, in the refrigerated shelf section.

The rating right now is really more on the average side just because I only opted for a rather common brewed coffee choice, instead of taking on a few more interesting items. I hope to return and try more options like the bubble teas and iced coffees. 6/10

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