Monday, August 6, 2012

First six videos up!

As my loyal blog readers have probably seen, I have a new YouTube channel that I've basically been plugging to no end. Thanks to my friend Naader Reda and the people at Wreckless Eating, I've already gotten close to the number of subscribers I had at my old channel. Needless to say, I can't thank them enough for the plugs they've given me.

Check out the rest of the post to get a glimpse of the first six videos I've re-uploaded to the new channel!
In one of my first videos, I ventured to Blues City Biscuits during Super Bowl weekend to eat 15 of Kimberly's ghost chile wings. She has since moved her food cart to the D-Street Noshery food pod (SE 33rd and Division, across from Pok Pok), and I hope her wings return in the near future!

In what would be one of several challenges I'd do in the first half of 2012, I went to Grass Roots Cafe (yet another food cart) to take on their Fire Eaters wing challenge in March. While it's unfortunate that their new menu no longer has the challenge -- or even any wings -- I'm happy to see Ellis and Keontay have gone with their strengths, namely their BBQ.

Grass Roots Cafe has temporarily closed, but will re-open for "Last Thursday" on August 30 at their new location near NE 13th and NE Alberta St.! (NOTE: The Grass Roots Cafe cart has closed, but the owners may do catering at certain times of the year)

Not surprisingly, the third uploaded video also took place at a Portland food cart. Earlier this year, I visited the Flyin' Hawaiian cart at its old Carts on Foster pod location (Jason and Rusty have since relocated to the Green Castle pod at NE 20th and Everett). Around mid-February, the Flyin' Hawaiian FB page first mentioned a "fire chicken" option that utilized the gamut of Dave's Insanity sauces. I stopped by and quickly destroyed a sampler portion for Jason.

As a note, this wouldn't be my last encounter with fire chicken. That video should be re-uploaded in the coming days.

The next video paid tribute to the  Wreckless Eating gang. For those that don't know, Wreckless Eating is a YouTube webshow variety channel. While the main show focuses on weird, bizarre foods, they have other shows (reviewing tasty food, doing food challenges, etc.). Check them out and subscribe to them, because they're very entertaining and cool people!

Anyway, in at least a couple of episodes, Wreckless Eating has focused on durian and durian-flavored products. So naturally, I hit up an Asian market in Portland and got some durian pudding. Then, in true spicochist fashion, I laced it with hot sauces and ate it. Yeah, it didn't taste good with the hot sauce.

So far, thanks to Wreckless Eating re-tweeting this video to their thousands of subscribers, this has easily gotten the most views. Again, can't thank them enough for the exposure!

Finally, I uploaded my highlights of the first OregonMania, when friend and competitive eater Naader Reda  came up to Oregon over Memorial Day weekend to take on some huge food challenges. I took part in a few makeshift stunts myself. I ended up doing separate highlight reel videos for both of us.

The most epic stunts we did on the trip: Naader ate a 12-pound pizza solo in 73 minutes, getting mentioned on The Statesman Journal (Salem's local newspaper). That article was the most popular Statesman Journal article the next day.

As for me, it was my "Angry Hawaiian" pizza (complete with deep-fried habanero puree and tons of ghost pepper powder, then topped with various hot sauces and extracts) and two drinks spiked with more ghost pepper powder. As one would expect, I felt extremely bloated and horrible after finishing it.

There are many more videos to come, so please subscribe to my new channel ! I'm grateful for your support and your kind words!

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