Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Sugar Cube (Part 2)

(UPDATE: Kir opened a brick-and-mortar spot on NE Alberta in August 2013. Unfortunately, May 3, 2015, was the last day of business...for now.)

(Original Review -- November 2011)

I ventured back to The Sugar Cube in early August, a few days after Kir reopened her cart next to Lardo's brick-and-mortar spot near SE 12th and Hawthorne (across from the Cartopia food pod). Having had Kir's amazing desserts before, I knew what I was getting this time.

Many people can bake. Not everyone can master it. We truly have a dessert queen here.

I wasted little time in getting the Chocolate Caramel Potato Chip cupcake ("CCPC"; $5): a chocolate buttermilk cupcake, dipped in bittersweet chocolate ganache, topped with a tower of Ruffles potato chips and a salted caramel drizzle. I started attacking the cupcake layer by layer, first the caramel-drizzled salted potato chips. Then my chocolate panda persona exploded and wanted to be satisfied.

Holy cartwheel flippin' yes. That chocolate cupcake was incredibly moist. The ganache, paired with the cupcake itself, basically balanced itself, walking the line between decadent and light. Salted caramel basically has to be one of the best things man ever created.

So moist! How does she do it?!
Beautiful presentation. Is there a way to make, say, a 5-pound version of this? That could be a great food challenge! Diabetic shock, here I come!

So what was Kir's inspiration? She mentioned if one has ever dipped their french fries in a vanilla milkshake (I certainly have). That combination of salty and sweet just screams happiness to her -- and to her zillions of loyal followers.

I take all the credit for inventing the word "potatochococaramelgasm." Yeah, me. My stomach actually thanked me that I didn't have more money in the wallet that day, because I would have easily gone back to get more. I'd have enough energy to make the drive home. But then I'd experience an irreversible sugar coma, become the ultimate hermit, and the panda would never come out to play again.

For a buck more, get the CCPC a la mode with either "super vanilla" ice cream or "roasted banana" ice cream. What?!?!?! Is there a way to get both options? Argh! If only my stomach didn't give a crap about excess sugar! Made me such a sad panda to leave this cart. But there's always a next time.

Go find this cart now, because it is getting one of my highest recommendations and ratings. Oh, and don't forget to give neighboring Lardo some business as well. It's just that I always eat dessert first. The panda demands it. 9.5/10

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