Sunday, September 23, 2012

Omy's Cafe

Omy's Cafe (pronounced "oh-my's") is located on NE Fourth Plain Road in Vancouver, Washington. When scoping out my new surroundings, I like to find some breakfast places that serve gigantic portions. After doing a bit of research, I found Omy's fits that bill perfectly. I just had to stop in and try the food.

Omy's has been around for a while, and the decor confirms it. It has an outdated diner and dive-like feel. Even a few of the seats need reupholstering. For my first visit, I dropped in a bit past 10 on a weekday, so it wasn't very crowded. One woman worked the front of the house, while I noticed another person cooking in the back.

Omy's serves breakfast and lunch all day. Omelets could have three eggs or six. A couple raved on how big a half-order of the biscuits and gravy ($6.25) was. It's to the point where there's even a QUARTER order of the B&G on the menu ($4.50). Don't see that all the time.

Breakfast menu
(August 2012)
Lunch menu
(August 2012)
Children and Seniors menu
(August 2012)
My eyes turned next to the "Omy's Platter": bacon, ham, sausage, green pepper, onions, and tomatoes mixed with crispy hashbrowns and cheese, all smothered in country gravy and topped with two eggs any style. The description alone is a damn mouthful. Then my server told me the HALF order ($9.75) feeds two people. Woohoo! So what about the full order ($11.75)? It apparently comes out on a huge oval platter. At least I'd have enough to last the week.

"Smoothered" is a cool word
Not wanting to slip into the dangerous food coma on the drive home, I opted for the three-egg Denver omelet ($8.75), with hashbrowns and two pieces of buttered toast.

Three-egg Denver omelet w/hashbrowns and whole wheat toast
(Omy's Cafe)

This one had its ups and downs. The hashbrowns were cooked nicely -- golden brown on the outside -- but needed more seasoning. Just adding simple salt and pepper would work. Meanwhile, the omelet was OK, but again needed a bit more seasoning. Also, while I got a bunch of bell pepper, tomato, and onion, I found myself wanting more ham to balance everything out. On the plus side, the omelet was nice and fluffy, easily holding the filling inside.

To be fair, if I wanted a meat omelet extravaganza, I could always opt for "The Works" ($10 for 3-egg, $11 for 6-egg), which has bacon, ham, and sausage inside.

Despite the mixed reviews, for the amount of food I got here, it still may become one of my go-to spots in Vancouver for a filling bargain breakfast. Very good service. I'll be coming back to try this place again.

Maybe next time, I'll get a full Omy's Platter, take a photo of it, and tease my friends with its sheer size. I'll then proceed that much closer to an early death. Mmm...bacon and country gravy. 6/10


  1. I really liked this review, found it very helpful! We will be taking my mother in law to this cafe for a low-key birthday breakfast and the pictures of the menu and review was super informative. Thanks!

  2. Glad to help! And happy birthday to your mother-in-law! :-)