Monday, September 24, 2012

Tonalli's Doughnuts and Cream

Tonalli's Doughnuts and Cream is located on NE Alberta St., yet another tempting place on a street filled with just about every food item you'd want.

With me finally moving much closer to Portland, that means the panda can somewhat have a life again and check out Last Thursdays on Alberta St. While attending the festivities, I stopped in for a small treat.

The apple fritter and the buttermilk bar (the latter has various types) are two of the more popular doughnuts that they sell. With fritters being one of my favorite pastry snack items, I went with that ($1.45).

Shot of the inside!
A pretty darn good fritter here. Nice sugary shell coated the dark brown exterior. Breaking the fritter open, I saw a few minced apple pieces embedded inside. The inside was fairly soft, although it didn't necessarily scream "extremely fresh" at the time I got it. The panda also has an abnormal obsession with cinnamon, so it's no surprise that this ended up being my choice. In short, the fritter was very good, just not the "oh my God, mind blowing" dealie.

As stated above, the popular buttermilk bars (95 cents) appear to come in at least three types: plain (glazed), chocolate, and what appears to be a maple glaze. Oh, and they're made with love!

Plain glazed buttermilk bars -- made with love!
The deep fried banana bar (95 cents) really tried hard to get me to buy it. Valiant effort, maybe next time. Such a tantalizing choice, but the apple fritter somehow swayed me more. In all honesty, I haven't seen this deep fried banana bar selection anywhere else, so it'll be on my panda hit list.

There's also your usual selection of doughnuts and various ice cream flavors (I didn't officially count, but I'd put it around two dozen flavors). Umpqua seemed to be the brand of choice here.

Apparently, there's another Tonalli's in Vancouver, WA. Not too far from my office. The doughnuts are not safe from the panda now. *evil laughter* After all, I must frequently partake in sugar benders. 7/10

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