Monday, September 3, 2012

Pow Pow Wings

Pow Pow Wings is located on NE Fourth Plain Blvd. in Vancouver, Washington. My usual spicy self was up to no good again. I'm pretty sure my loyal readers know what this means....

The inside is bright and lively. When I went in early August, the flat-screen TV was turned to summer Olympic coverage. Better than a sports bar, in my book. I don't care for a very loud atmosphere where I can't enjoy good company or a good sporting event on the tube.

Oh yeah, this place got wings. And there's a very spicy option. It's called Super Pow. How spicy? Mad Dog 357 is in there, an extract hitting 5 million Scoville units. Sure I coulda asked to just try the sauce, but in order to get my protein fix, I got six boneless wings. Wanted to keep the sauce off my hands, thanks. Otherwise, I love being a messy panda.

I got the boneless wings (a.k.a. small chicken bites) to go. When I opened the styrofoam container, I got jacked with a pungent extract blast. Dammit. Figured Chernobyl would go off in my gut again and the panda would have to reach for the Tums.

When I opened this container, I immediately got hit with the angry extract 
Super Pow Boneless Wings
(Pow Pow Wings)
They gave me blue cheese dressing (you can also get ranch if you want), but the panda hates both of those soothing options. I'm a manly panda, dammit! A manly panda that has no shame tearing up when spice hits!

Seconds into the first bite of the first boneless wing, the spice tried to engulf my entire mouth. I felt spice everywhere (front, back, sides). With that said, it still wasn't the worst pain ever (maybe 7.5 out of 10), but it still made me sweat.

While locked in my spicy battle, I detected something slightly sweet in there, perhaps a sweet chili sauce paired with this extract, so that it wouldn't just be plain death staring me in the face. Whatever it was, it made me want more. A couple minutes later, all gone. Didn't touch the blue cheese dressing.

Five minutes after finishing, the heat wore off. Damn. I guess that means I'm getting 32 wings next time (their largest single order)! Oh, how fun would that video be?! Maybe I can get more YouTube subscribers that way!

The chicken on the boneless wings was white meat (yay healthy!), but perhaps a little on the dry side. The bone-in wings would naturally be juicier and more flavorful, but if I'm doing 32 Super Pow bone-in wings, they better give me gloves. I don't care about spice burns on my ugly mug, but it sucks to have all that extract under the fingernails.

As of early August, there are ten sauces and three dry rubs. The Spicy Thai Peanut sauce sounds awesome, and I learned The Gentle Burn is really a sweet chili sauce.

While the boneless wings are merely OK for me, I'll be back to try the bone-in wings and the other sauces for a more complete review. 6.75/10

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