Friday, September 21, 2012

VIDEO: Voodoo Doughnut; Chocolate Wars

Over the last few weeks, I've uploaded a few new videos to my YouTube channel, starting a couple of new webseries in the process. I've also gained a few new subscribers here and there, and I sincerely thank everyone for all your support. In case you missed the videos, I've included a few below in this post:

Destroying the Tex-Ass Challenge at Voodoo Doughnut in July
(My friend Kelly took this photo!)
Most of the videos end up being cost-effective on time (most don't take long to film) and cost, so it's something I could do on a semi-regular basis to keep a steady increase in new subscribers.

During OregonMania II in July, I nuked a couple of Tex-Ass doughnuts at Voodoo Doughnut. Each Tex-Ass is the equivalent of a half-dozen regular glazed doughnuts.

The first Tex-Ass was for a spicy stunt. After dousing the doughnut in various hot sauces, I originally planned to eat the glazed treat slowly. But basically on autopilot, I nuked that monstrosity.

After seeing that, Naader suggested I take on the 80-second Tex-Ass Challenge. Sure, why not take it on? If the first doughnut (fresh, light, and fluffy) was any indication, the challenge would be a breeze. About 5 minutes later, we were back at the counter, and the challenge was on.

I limited my participation in OregonMania II, but it's safe to say that I left my mark anyway. As of this post, my Tex-Ass Challenge video has the second-most views of any video on my channel!

Also during the summer, a friendly "spicy chocolate war" arose between Brooks Pepperfire Foods (PepperMaster) and The Madison Chocolatiers West. Six judges were picked, each instructed to use four criteria in judging. While I wasn't one of the judges, I ponied up some money to do judging of my own. And thus, my "Spicochist Reviews" webseries was born.

Madison Chocolatiers West sent their "P-Bomb," while PepperMaster sent their Scorpion Chocolate. Here's the video of my chocolate war judging!

And with the remaining chocolate, I did a fun little epilogue.

And just as a little teaser for an upcoming video: Naader recently ate a 16 oz. jar of ghost chile salsa. After a nice shoutout to me, he wanted to see me top his stunt. So the panda obliged.

Aaron = stupid panda
I recently attempted to eat a 16 oz. jar of Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper salsa. Yup, that pepper is spicier than the ghost chile. Look for the video on my channel in the coming weeks. Needless to say, it burned. Pain.

One bite of this all-natural salsa isn't bad -- and here, it was actually pretty good. Taking on the entire jar in one sitting is asylum-worthy.

Even as I start my law practice (likely delving into wills/trusts, personal injury, employment, etc.), I fully intend to keep doing my food adventures and spicochist videos. Tell people to subscribe to my YouTube channel today!

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