Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rose City Curry House

(NOTE: Rose City Curry House has closed. Since Fiji Indian Curry has very similar food, the owners or employees of this cart could have come back under the Fiji Indian Curry name.)

Rose City Curry House is located at the corner of NE Alberta and 23rd Ave. in Portland, Oregon. After passing by the pod several times, I finally stopped by at the end of August when Last Thursday was going on.

The crew here makes their own curry sauce, using a blend of spices. In order to get orders out quickly, they make large batches of the curry beforehand. It's a fairly simple menu here, and I opted for the chicken curry ($6.75).

Chicken Curry
(Rose City Curry House)

Not bad here. Very good on execution. Chicken's moist, potatoes are soft, veggies are broken down and cooked properly. Flavor-wise, it's OK, but for me doesn't have the explosiveness I was hoping for. While the man said there would be some kick in the curry, my taste buds don't register cayenne or curry powder as threats.

Perhaps it's also the nature of how fresh this take on Indian curry was, but mine was very runny, turning the bottom into a bit of a curry soup with rice. Perhaps it's also a reason why I favor Thai curries these days, as they generally are thickened up with coconut milk.

Liquid from the curry forms a pool of "curry soup" for the rice
The tomato chutney on the side basically felt like a chunky ketchup experience. Initially, I didn't know what to make of it, other than it felt a bit odd to eat ketchup and curry together. The panda thinks way too much on this stuff.

Tomato chutney
If chicken's not your cup of tea, they also have vegetarian curries, pork curries, and a seafood option.

The curry is good, but not screaming great, explosive flavors at me. Regardless, awesome people run Rose City Curry House, so I still say give 'em a shot and see if you like them. 6.25/10

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