Saturday, September 29, 2012

VIDEO: YouTube Challenges; Spicochist Reviews

Over the past few weeks, I've taped a series of YouTube videos geared to reach a wider audience and hopefully gain more subscribers. After all, I'd also like to give some more exposure to some local businesses in the Pacific Northwest that have dared to go spicy. Check below for more!

Bacon-wrapped habanero pizza on 9/7/12
(Church St. Pizza)

One new webseries I recently launched is strictly "fun" challenges that people have posted on YouTube over the years. Sure, I'm fashionably late to the party (OK, not even fashionable), but better late than never. The first episode here was a video response to the 3 Cream Cracker Challenge video Naader Reda uploaded a while back.

The challenge is to eat three cream crackers in three minutes, no liquids or anything else to help. It's a bit thicker and larger than a saltine. I found it at a store that sells UK products, but when in doubt, I say search online for it. Obviously, this isn't a spicy challenge, so I'm sure just about anyone can give this a go. Tack on a video response to my video if you do attempt it! I honestly don't care about winning or getting the fastest time. All in good fun.

My "Spicochist Reviews" webseries will encompass just about anything I feel like reviewing. Most of the time, it will be spicy products of some kind. As I said above, this is a great way to promote local businesses.

I recently did a Spicochist Review on Church St. Pizza's bacon-wrapped habanero pizza. It's not something that pops up on the menu all the time, but I'm sure that if you bug Demitri (the owner) on his business FB page, he'll consider doing it again. Because I laugh at habaneros, I added more spice to my slice.

This video got about 160 views in the first 48 hours, a new personal best for the channel. It helps to share it with a bunch of people, but I dunno too many people that can completely ignore a headline with the word "bacon" in it. I'll have to remember that for future reference when reviewing other spicy products or spicy dishes from local businesses.

Finally, when it's your birthday and you love breakfast, you should just eat multiple breakfasts. I did just that last month. Three just in the morning. Fluffy panda afterward.

More videos to come in the following days and weeks. New exciting stuff on the horizon. Oh, and coming in October, I take on a 16 oz. jar of Trinidad Moruga Scorpion salsa. Intended as a video response to Naader's 16 oz. ghost chile salsa chug. Stupid panda? Yup. Very. Stay tuned for that!

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