Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Legendary Doughnuts (Tacoma)

(Original Review -- May 2012 for the Auburn location)

I returned to Legendary Doughnuts at the end of January and met up with a fellow YouTuber in the process. Since my last review of this place, Legendary Doughnuts opened up a spot in Tacoma. Even though it's the same owner, I wanted to just cover the Tacoma experience here and provide a separate rating.

6th Ave location in Tacoma
I walked in a bit before 3 p.m. on a Monday. A few customers trickled in here and there, but the big rush (usually morning and perhaps lunch) had come and gone. Inside, there are a few tables where patrons can sit at. Unfortunately, those tables hadn't been cleaned in seemingly a while.

Doughnut prices are very reasonable, with the "amateur" doughnuts at 99 cents, "famous" doughnuts at $1.49, and "legendary" doughnuts at $1.99 before tax. I ended up getting one of the cinnamon roll doughnuts with the cream cheese frosting, one of the "legendary" options.

Cinnamon Roll Doughnut
(Legendary Doughnuts)
More of an overhead shot
I'm not sure how long they had been in the display case, but the doughnut was still awesome. Very light and fluffy. The cream cheese frosting wasn't overly sweet and had a sinful creaminess.

Inside the doughnut, somewhat of a cross-section...?
To a degree, I enjoyed the displays of the massive custom "cakes" and other options you can order from this place. It did disturb me a bit that they had been out for at least a month and a half. Might need to consider inedible plastic realistic replicas for next time. The king cake option for Mardi Gras was an awesome idea, and at least it looked fairly fresh on the display case when compared to the others.

Don't you want this "large hamburger and fries" creation?
King Doughnut Cake = brilliant!

Legendary Doughnuts is still a great doughnut place. I enjoyed the "Oprah" I had at the Auburn spot. I doubt you could go wrong here. Perhaps if the housekeeping stayed in tip-top form, this location will also get the elite rating. 8/10

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