Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rockin' Robyn's Sassy Burger

Rockin' Robyn's Sassy Burger is located at the Rose City Food Park (NE 52nd and Sandy) in Portland, Oregon.

This place, like other food carts, prides itself on fresh ingredients. Virtually everything is locally sourced, from the meats and buns, to the produce and ice cream.

It's a pretty nice menu, mostly hamburgers and cheeseburgers. If you want a small burger, Robyn does sliders with blue cheese. All burgers come with lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, mayo, and mustard. Ketchup and/or grilled onions also an option. You can switch out different cheeses (sharp cheddar, Swiss, pepperjack, Oregon blue cheese are the options). Robyn will prep your burger how you want it, so just speak up if so.

(January 2013)

I immediately asked what the spiciest item on the menu was. Robyn suggested the "Sassonator" ($7), a 1/2 lb patty seasoned with cajun spices, topped with pepperjack cheese. It's a sizable burger, which appears to be using a poppy seed bun. I added an order of her fresh-cut Oregon potato sassy french fries ($2) which get her special "sassy" seasoning.

"Sassonator" with fresh-cut fries
(Rockin' Robyn's Sassy Burger)
I really enjoyed this burger. A very juicy patty, with the cheese melted perfectly. Fresh lettuce, tomato, and onion. I probably will consider trying the grilled onions on my next visit, but I also enjoy the raw onions in a burger. How my taste buds have evolved; raw onions probably would have been nowhere near my burger growing up. I thought it was the proper amount of cajun seasoning so that I could appreciate all the flavors without overwhelming the palate.

Closer shot of the "Sassonator"
So you can see the spices on that 1/2 lb patty!
The fries were thick and had a slight crispiness on the outside. There's no mistaking the freshness here. So the panda is weird and generally prefers no condiments on fries these days. Well, unless you have gravy and cheese curds for poutine. Or boatloads of hot sauce.

If you're not a burger person, Robyn has a Rosemary Chicken sandwich option ($6.25) featuring grilled free-range white chicken breast seasoned with rosemary. For the non-meat eaters, a grilled portobello mushroom burger ($5.25) awaits.

Robyn's hand-scooped milkshakes ($4) will either have Oregon Ice Cream or Tillamook Ice Cream, depending on availability. The website lists milkshake flavors of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch, or coffee.

There are gluten-free buns available, and it also appears any order can be made vegan (so I guess you'd also nix the buns in that case?). This place is open six days a week and generally opens around 11 or 11:30 a.m.; only closed Mondays. I'm a big fan of this place, so stop by and enjoy Robyn's great food!

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